Welcome to thesuperstore.biz. Shop & Buy online and Fund African Humanitarian projects at the same timeThis is the home of "the great online shopping experience". This site was created to allow you the onlne shopper to buy name brand electronic devices, appliances, games, toys, & computer systems at great prices and donate to African philanthropic projects at the same time.

Everytime you shop with us a percentage of the sales goes to Pre- Approved and Audited NGO's in Africa to support their local programs in Medical., Education and Rural/Community Development. 


to see where the $$$ goes!!

to see how Training and Job development programs are funded

Shop with confidence knowing you are doing your part to help African Humanitarian Programs.

Shopping on this site, working with ksniptv.com, & the NGOs listed at www.thelastportal.org will allow you to have a Voice in the movement to End Human Trafficking, Sex Slavery, and all of the atrocities that goes on in Africa and in other countries throughout the world.    

Ksniptv will offer the following Business Opportunities for Africans in Nigeria and Cameroon. Later in other countries where the slave trade trail exist. 

Alternatives to Prostitution/Sex Slavery to Earn Money:
Education & Jobs are the Keys for Women & Youths to get out of this lifestyle. Job Training in Sewing, Computer Programming, Data Analysis, Animation & Digital High Definition Theory/TV Production. The Job Development Skills Can be used as a way out for most Women and Youths in Africa. Jobs for Men, Women & Youths!!!!

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